Frogs are generally regarded as auspicious to have around the garden, and the Chinese believe that, if there is whole family living in your backyard, you will be protected from any dangers or bad luck which might be coming your way.

It is the three-legged frog, however, that is supposed to be extremely auspicious, and it is to find these good fortune symbols in any Chinese supermarket. The three-legged frog is usually depicted as having three coins in its mouth to signify him bringing gold into your home. This same symbolism can also mean taking gold out of these house. So the way the frog is placed becomes very important.

Positioned the three-legged frog symbol near the vicinity of front door but facing inwards, as if it has just come into the house. Do not allow the frog to be placed directly facing the door. Put it under a table inside a cupboard or hidden away under chairs and other furniture.

Frog symbol should not be placed in the kitchen or any of the bathroom and toilets. In these inauspicious places the frog turns malevolent and instead of bringing good luck, they tend to attract bad luck chi that cause havoc with the energy of the home.

It is also not a good idea to put them in the bedroom. They are best when placed in either the living or dinning areas of the home and remember never facing out always facing in.


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