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The number 1 indicates star SUN. This number is the beginning of all the nine numbers were created. The base of all the number is one. The number one is represent the creative, individual, self attraction and assertive. A person born under the birth number 1 then he/she may be creative, inventive, independent, strongly individual and definite in his/her view and determined the work he/she at individual level. This relate to the men and women born under the STAR number 1.people born under number 1 are very sharp, bright and intellectual.

Number 1 people are very ambitious, always positive, they dislike restraint, they always rise in whatever profession or occupation may be. They always desire to be remain on top at all level and position because they love/like authority and it happens in personal and professional level and create or demand respect in all department. The number 1 people should carry  all the important works on date 1, 10, 19 and 28.

The days of the week most fortunate for number 1 person are Sunday and Monday.

The most lucky colours for person born under the number 1 are all shades of gold, yellow, and bronze to golden brown.

The lucky stone foe number 1 person is Yellow diamond, topaz, amber and ruby.


JAMES 1                                                         28th June               2+8=10=1

PRESIDENT GARFIELD                            19th Nov                  1+9=10=1

PRESIDENT WILSON                                28th Dec.                 2+8=10=1

PRESIDENT ADAMS                                   19th Oct                   1+9=10=1

There are many famous personalities born under this number and remains on the highest position from where they lead at individual capacity. Also they found centre of attraction wherever they present. The people under this number are very attractive by personality and very good in communication. SUN, is present all over the earth likewise if a person born under this number 1 then there is greatest chances and opportunities to move around the world. This people are easy to accept because of they are soft in nature and intellectual level. Sometimes short temper may damage there personality as they act very unpredictable.



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