Study Room Direction as Principle of Vastu

Study room is very important in nowadays because study room create good impact on son/daughter, they feel like to study. this study room should be spacious, simple and clean and same rules are applicable for library too,
The library or study room should be on the west side of the building, but should not be in the corners of the flat. When using a library or study room, it is best to sit facing east or north.. Books should be in the east or north, sides of the room.

The door should be two-shuttered and should be in the northeast or north west.  Windows can be set on the east, north, or west walls. The walls should be colored white, sky blue, cream, or light green,

This study room is good for mediation.

Use square shape for study.

Keep education tower on the table,

Keep globe on the table.

Paste commitment from him/her for percentage.

This simple vastu principle can help child to study more and can score as per his/her desire.