VASTU AND SHOP

Shops are commercial establishment exclusively for marketing/sale of goods and services.Due to limited space and high prices of commercial areas, proper vastu principle can’t be applied completely. The areas to which vastu principle can apply is shapes,sizes, location,of main entrance internal planning within the

shop etc,

Shape of the shop shoup square or rectangle.

Racks of showcases should be in the South and West..

Service counters should be in the South or South West and West or North West

Maximum furniture should me made from wood.

Owner should face East or North.

Drinking water should be in the North East or North or East.

Electric meter should be in South East.

Cash counter should open North side.

Goods to be sold immediately should be kept in the North West direction.

Counter of the shop should be in regular shapes.

Shops facing North direction transacts good business.

In case want to place temple then North east direction.

There should not be any cut at any corner of the shop.