Feng Shui Tips On Flowers In The Home

In the living room fresh flowers create refreshing energy which bring good vibes into the home. Flowers are good to create positive energy, but there are some basic guidelines you should know.

Fresh flowers should be thrown out as soon as  they start to fade  as anything dead or decaying create an excess of negative yin energy. Please do not use any dried flowers in your home because they create dead energy.

Flowers can be used to enhance or reduce the yang energies of a room. Generally speaking, flowers do not bring suitable feng shui for bedrooms. They are better suited o living room and dinning rooms.

The use of flowers for enhancing the feng shui of any bedrooms, in the same way would not suggest the placing live plants in the bedroom. This is because flowers and plants bring yang energies into the bedroom, and this often makes the room excessively yang and not conducive to peaceful sleep. However, because fresh flowers are so yang, they are extremely suitable for the bedroom of sick people. In such situations flowers are excellent for the bedroom and the giving of such flowers is also considered auspicious, bringing as it does some precious yang energy to the recipient.

That’s why mostly people carry fresh flowers when they go to see sick people in a hospital or at home. So better make practice of carrying fresh flowers whenever you go to see sick people. when you offers flowers to the patient, just check his/her response, will try to smile in that situation also. This small tips will bring positive energy in your life.