Bedroom are the areas where one spent between 25 percent to 35 percent of one’s life span in sleeping and if sleeping is not sound then your whole body get restless which turn into irritation. For sound sleep in the bedroom, you can have following arrangement,

Your bedroom should be regular shape.

Your bed should be made of wooden.

Your bed should be in regular shape.

Furniture should be in square shape.

Your bedroom colour should be your lucky colour.

When you are sleeping that time your leg should be face in North direction.

Don’t keep temple in the bedroom.

Don’t keep TV in the North direction if possible keep in the south direction.

Don’t hang any women picture/painting in the bedroom

Don’t keep any animal picture in the bedroom.

Put Red curtains in the South direction for good relationship.

Place couple object in the South West direction.

Leg should not face entrance door of the bedroom.

Avoid sleeping in the North East corner of the bedroom better select the South West corner of the bedroom.

Avoid bathroom in North East of the bedroom.

All electric element should be in the South East

Bedroom is very essential part of the home and it is necessary to arrange as per vastu principle to remain healthy. If you are sleep is not complete then you remain irritated whole day and hat create negativity in your life.Sound sleep always keep you happy so try to use maximum vastu principle while designing the bedroom of your home.

The bedroom where our soul rest so this bedroom should be quite and calm. Many people try keep as many thing for aesthetic look in the bedroom, which create sometimes negativity. To avoid such negative situation it is better that bedroom should be very simple in arrangement which marks simple living.