Vastu Shastra



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A truly great way of activating excellent feng shui luck inside the home is to keep some goldfish in an aquarium or fish tank. Keep nine golden fish,of which eight should be red or golden and one should be black. if red fish die then simply get some more and replenish the aquarium. When one’s fish die it is believed that they have absorb some bad luck that was meant for a resident of the household.

However do not keep goldfish in the bedroom, in the toilets or n the kitchen. They are specially harmful in the bedroom as they can cause you to suffer some material losses. You could end up being burgled or robbed.Keep your aquarium either in the living room or position it outside the front of your house.

The best location to keep a goldfish aquarium is in the East, South-East, North or South West.To identify the absolute the best location also depends on the direction your front door faces. Just make sure you do not keep goldfish any where other than in those four locations. Water features are very tricky in the feng shui. Get it right and it bring enormous luck. Get it wrong and it is very dangerous. Another rule is that never. Also never place your water feature, and specially a carp pond on the right hand side of your main door since this cause the man of the house to have roving eye..

There are different type of fish tank available in the market but select proper one because sometimes its leakage which is not good for good luck. Also need to take care of fish tank by feeding fish regularly with there proper feed. Maintenance of fish tank is very essential means cleaning and changing water regularly with proper chlorination.

images fish tank 2