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                                    HORSESHOES FOR LUCK

Throughout the world, Horseshoes are often seen nailed to the doors and houses as charms. They are an universally accepted sign f good luck. The origin is believed to be tie to the proscribed magical power of iron.Iron is considered lucky because it is born from the marriage of rock and fire, two of the basic elements of the ancient times. In addition, the basic shape of the horseshoes, which is either a cup, a crescent, or an arch depending on your point of view, is traditionally said to be lucky. Also, the the typical number of seven nails holes in a real horseshoes is considered lucky in European tradition. According to legend, nails an iron horseshoes over your door with the convex side pointing up for protection against sorcery, bad luck and the evil eye. For good luck, nail it over your door with convex side pointing down.

While purchasing the horseshoes please do purchase from authentic source because there are many duplicate fabricated horseshoes available in the market, which will not help for attracting good luck.

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