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If you want to find your love partner, if you wish to get married, if you want happiness of romance and family life, if you do not want to be alone, then the first thing you to do that go around your home and see if you are displaying anything that symbolize a single.

If you are women then kindly check whether do you have hang only women painting. it is unlikely that your home can attract male energy. With many

past experience saw that many girls hang beautiful painting of woman by default on wall which create negative desire and attract less male energy in the house. But just art lovers who appreciated the female form and completely forgot to create balance in the display of their artwork.

The same ┬áproblem arises in the house where the male create only male energy in the house so it is unlikely to create woman energy in the house. When the energy is not balance or not equivalent then desire of marriage or having life partner is very less. It’s like whatever you create you get. So, you to be very careful about your house that whatever you are placing, hanging or reconstructing in the house should not affect you negatively.

To create positive balance male/female energy in the house please follow important tips,

Do not hang only women painting.

Do not hang only men painting.

Female can hang beautiful art painting of male.

Male can hang beautiful art painting of female.

Good balance of male and female art in your living areas.

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Even you can place or hang love bird painting or object in South West corner of you bedroom or wherever you are sleeping in your house.

please pass or share this article or you may advice also those who are single or having any problem fnding partner.