Recharge Dead BW1 overhead tank

Water is the important in human life and it is necessary to have water arrangement in per vastu shastra principle direction. Lets consider the basic importance thing for the water tank,

  • The overhead tank is best in the West or South West. But an overhead tank in South and North West is also acceptable. The tank should not be placed directly over the terrace. It should be placed on the four pillar so that their should be proper energy/air flow beneath the tank. A tank directly placed over the terrace may cause blockage of funds.
  • The sun rays first fall on the overhead tank as being the highest part of the house and are absorbed by water. Under no circumstances the overhead tank in the South West should leak as it may cause over expenditure.
  • Overhead tank should never be in the North East. It will cause financial losses, mental sickness and accidents.
  • If the tank is on the West side leaving the South West corner then it’s proper. West is varun devta direction and he is the rain god. The overhead tank on floor level in this direction is permitted.
  • The overhead tank should never be in the centre. if so, life becomes hopeless and one does not feel like living there. if the overhead tank from centre and put in the proper direction, one can achieve astonishing results.
  • For drinking and cooking water, tank should not be plastic. If so, it must be black or blue colour, because it absorb maximum sun rays. A white water tank will reflect the sun rays and be less beneficial. if possible there should be a separate water tank for use in toilets for other utilities.
  • A water body or source should be in the East or North East of the plot. Having a overhead in the South East direction may cause damage to the male child/wife of owner/resident or difference of the opinion amongst husband and wife. An underground water tank in South West can be fatal to the head of the family or owner or the industry.
  • So always take care of all basic thing mentioned above for overhead tank.
  • Recharge Dead BW1 overhead tank