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One of the best and effective method of creating a sense of family togetherness is to hang a large family portrait in a place of honour in the living room or family room. Every family member should be included in the portrait and to symbolize happiness, every member should be smiling. Arrange the members of the family in a way that creat shape most suitable to the element of the father of family.

TRIANGULAR ARRANGEMENT: If you choose the arrangement, make sure the father of the family is placed at the apex of the triangle. This particular arrangement create the element of fire. and it also signifies the precious yang energy. It is particularly appropriate when the father of the family was born in a fire or earth year.

WAVY ARRANGEMENT: This arrangement create the the water element. It is yin a yin shape and is great if there is an excessive yang energy in the home in the form of many male relatives. The father should be in the centre, and head of the people in the picture not level, creating a wavy shape. This is excellent when the father was born in a water or wood year.

RECTANGULAR ARRANGEMENT: This arrangement suggests the wood elements, and is probably most common. Here, all members of family pose in a way that has everyone’s head level. The arrangement also suggests a regular, balanced shape. It is suitable when the father was born in a wood or fire year.

SQUARE ARRANGEMENT: This is similar to the rectangle and is especially suited to the small families. For instance, four in a picture makes a perfect square, a shape that suggests the earth element. This arrangement is suitable to everyone since the earth also signifies the family. It is also good if the father born in a metal year since earth produces metal in the cycle of the elements.