Vastu Shastra


9 living room as per vastu shastra principle

Living rooms are the very important area where guests are entertained in the first instance and it gives first impression of the occupants also this room reflect greater extent of STATUS. Knowing the importance of the living room, North West or mid West is preferable for the living room.

  • The living room should be very simple and more open if possible.
  • In living room doors in the East and North are very favourable. It should not have any door on the South West side.
  • In the living room maximum furniture should be in the square shape
  • Maximum furniture should be in rectangle shape.
  • If furniture happen to place in the North East side then use light weight wood.
  • The owner should occupy his seat in the living room so that he face the East or North, even when discussing business on telephone.
  • T. V. should be in the South East zone or in the South or West.
  • Telephone should be in the North East or East or North sides.
  • Arrangement for Indian style sitting in the living room should be either in the East or North by providing a low base.
  • Picture of God should not be put above the doors of living room inside or outside.
  • Do not displayed any weapons in the living room.
  • Stuffed animals or birds heir looms or acquired as antiques should not be displayed in the living room.
  • The portraits or statues of cruel animals, weeping and nude, children/women, scenes from war       ( Mahabharat ) should not be displayed as they create disharmony amongst the family members.
  • For furniture do not use North East side.
  • Place small water falls in North East side.
  • Cleanness is the main key for success so always keep every elements clean of the living room.
  • The fragrance should be continue in the living room if possible.
  • Do not occupy every corner of the living room by placing something.
  • Use lucky colours for curtains.
  • Use glass for windows.