Vastu Shastra


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Vastu Shastra and Feng-Shui its very important when it comes to career luck. Bad luck could well create the kind of misfortune that led to death, not only for but his entire family. So career survival is very important and serious matter. Vastu Shastra and Feng-Shui was often applied to ensure protection from all negativities that may harm to anyone.

In today’s competitive market and corporate environment, we have lot of negativities in the form of official politics and jealousy which is common human error and which cannot be stop. The best way to stop this negativity by using Vastu Shastra and Feng-Shui. It can safeguard you from being elbowed out of opportunities for advancement. And¬†Vastu Shastra and Feng-Shui can also help to protect you from people who are jealous of your position and continuous development or advancement. Thus both you can enhance and have great protection through¬†Vastu Shastra and Feng-Shui.

Energize the North or North East corner of your office. This is universal corner and cosmic corner also associated with your good luck at your work place in the office. The ruling trigram of the North is trigram Kan which means water. And in both the science the water is very important which bring great luck.

Place a small water feature like small water falls in which water is continuously moving, to signify movement and good yang energy in your North corner.

Place globe at your North East direction.

Place small earthen pot with water if possible.

Before the taking charge of office please take care of these small thing because it will help you to enhance in positive direction and your growth matters at your personal and professional level too.