The number 2 indicates for the STAR MOON. It is also called as a feminine Star and always depends upon the STAR SUN. So it is always called dependent star.But combination of number 1 and number 2 is always good. Lets discuss the numerology for number 2, number 2 is always consider soft in nature and number 2 person are gentle by nature, creative, imaginative, artistic, and romantic, but number 2 people are not forceful in carrying there decision or ideas. There ability work at mental level rather than physical level and may be that’s why they are known as laziest community.

Number 2 person numerology said that they have very strong management base and can carry out their main plans and ideas on days whose numbers vibrate with their own, such as on the 2, 11, 20, 29 of any month. Monday and Sunday is the most favourable and lucky days for number 2 person. The number 2 person are weak in taking decision so they are better at planing strategy of an organisation since there trait is like feminine, they are not suitable to take  strong decision for an organisation.

The main fault they should guard against being restless and unstable, lack of confidence, lack of continuity of ideas and plans. They are highly emotional and over sensitive and easily get carried away with other thoughts. The number 2 person are very caring and loving and they can trust easily on anyone and people take disadvantage of this nature. This lead to them at nervous state and depression that’s why they always struggle for continuous happiness. So the number 2 need support in the life at many stages and situation.

The lucky colours for number 2 person, they should wear all shades of green, from darkest to the lightest, also white and cream also blue can suits to them. They should avoid red, black and purple colours.

Their lucky stones are pearl, pale green stone, moonstone.