numerology number 3


The Numerology number 3

indicate the STAR Jupiter.

This number has great importance in the astrology and numerology too. Number 3 is the most powerful number in terms of power and ruling. The number 3 people are leader, teacher,  high profile bureaucrats, spiritual leader and very successful politician at individual capacity.

Numerology number 3 people, like the number 1 people, are decidedly ambitious people, they will never to be like in subordinate position, rise in the position, to have control and authority over others. But they are excellent in their execution of commands, the number 3 people enjoy ordering subordinate and always follow very strict discipline in their working system and personally they monitored their order to be obey otherwise they take strict action, they insist on having their orders obeyed.

Number 3 also indicates highest position in the business, profession or circle in which they found. They often excel in position of authority in government officials, army, navy, judiciary system, Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police service.

The best example of Mr. SHARAD RAOJI PAWAR, in his date of birth ( he born on 12. 12 ) number 3 is present and most of the Indian knows the journey and personality of the Sharadji, he excel from down and enjoy many highest position in the Indian Government/ politics. Sharadji has highest respect and value in Indian politics, in business world and in social world. In every field, Sharadji was boss and still he is THE BOSS of his own political party from the inception. So number 3 people can have excellent career if they follow proper path and guidance from seniors. More international example like King George V, Lord Russell, Winston Churchill and Henry Moore.

Spirituality is the main strength and power of the number 3 people, if they follow spirituality then it will be always plus for their personality. Their negative characteristic would be that they are inclined to be dictatorial, to enforce law and they insist to carrying out their ideas. For this reason they have many enemies at personal and professional level. Number 3 people are singularly proud, they dislike to work under someone and exceptionally independent.

The lucky number for 3 : 3, 12, 21, 30

The lucky stone for 3 : yellow Sapphire and Amethyst

The lucky colour : All shades of blue crimson, purple, violet

The lucky days : Thursday, Tuesday and Friday.

Number 3 people may donate some food on Thursday regularly.