ami8a amitabh bachchan


A  +  M  +  I  +  T  +  A  +  B  +  H         +         B  +  A  +  C  +  H  +  C  +  H  +  A  +  N

1  +  4  +  1  +  4  +  1  +  2  +  5          +           2  +  1  +  3  +  5  +  3  +  5  +  1  +  5

18                                 +                                     25

9                                 +                                      7

=  16  =  7  =  NEPTUNE

BIG B = 2  +  1  +  3  +  2  =  8

AMITABH BACHCHAN – BIG B, Numerological analysis


    • 1= It indicates SUN and there are 5 no. of stars in AMITABH BACHCHAN- BIG B name, this star has characteristic like brightness, teacher, leader and motivator. In his name 5 no. of SUN present and it has always help in to reach at highest level of popularity and become GLOBAL actor. Amitabh is now ICON for bollywood industry with multi talent acting, he shines like Sun in all his movie hardly any star able to compete his acting talent of his era also many his costar, juniors try to copy him to get success not like him but at least some extent which will help them to get going acting career in bollywood industry.
    • 2= It indicates MOON with characteristic of caring, acting, management and creative. The 2 means MOON stars present in his name which is good for entertainment field and helping Amitabh for success. We have always saw Amitabh creativeness through his multi acting talent. MOON is good for management not for the business decision making and which has been proved with his ABC company disaster so it is best to manage the show rather going for production or major decision.
    • 3= It indicates JUPITER with Leadership, spirituality and ego are the main characteristic of the no. 3 that is Jupiter and it is present in Amitabh name. since no. of decade Amitabh is leading bollywood industry and people and fan called him BIG B by love and affection. Angry Young Man means Amitabh and Amitabh means Angry Young Man it was become very simple formula of bollywood industry for many years. Amitabh acting copied by many young actors like Shahrukh, Salman, Akshay,Ajay and many other aspiring bollywood actors. Amitabh is highly spiritual person because of his spirituality he has visited many spiritual places.
  •           4= It indicates the Star URANUS which is caring, creative and stubborn. This star is also                  present in the name of Amitabh. He was Super star and use to take care of all                his                    costar, actresses, and  many character actor and crew staff. Many times he use to                                  recommend for particular actor or actresses as per his choice to producer/director. As a                     super star he was also carrying ego and stubborn character, due to this characteristic, he                     was not allowing his costar to share more no of scene on screen which leads to conflict in                   personal relation with costar. (Vinod Khanna, Shatrughan Sinah ) But as age grow with                       maturity this super star changes himself drastically and now he became father figure.
  •            5= 5 denote the MERQURU star which we always call a developing and intellectual star                    and there are 4 no. of Mercury present in his name. Amitabh has developed himself at                        every stage, this no. made him more and more intellectual which help him to reach at                         highest level of popularity in Bollywood industry and people also called him SHAENSHA of               Bollywood.

7 = NEPTUNE, it has independent characteristic and very fortunate star which is present                                     in Amitabh name. he is really fortunate from beginning till now and he rise from simple                               actor to super star. In Coolie movie he came across with major accident and he was very                               serious for many days but with the medicine and million people prayers help Amitabh to                               get well from serious injury.


AMITABH BACHCHNAN is great character, great human being and great societal person on                      him whole India is having proud. May god give him more life, peace and satisfaction.